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Study in Ireland

One of the popular study destinations in Europe is Ireland.

Ireland is the perfect destination if you are thinking about studying abroad. Ireland is part of the Great Britain and a member of the European Union. No doubt, it is a very dynamic and modern country with a young population. Over 40% of Ireland population is below 25 years of age.

Currently, Ireland sits as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country has a population of 4.33 million and boasts of the highest quality of life in the world. According to the Economist Intelligence Units Quality-of-life Index, Ireland has the highest quality of life in the world.

Many international students consider Ireland as the preferred choice for higher education because of the country’s long history of welcoming international students. In fact, Ireland was a beacon of learning as far back as in the 7th century Europe. Students from around the world at the time traveled to acquire higher learning in Irish monasteries. For the past 50 years, Ireland has retained the culture of welcoming international students to the country with open arms. Today, you can easily see students from around the world in Ireland. Students come from Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, the Gulf, and Asia to study in Ireland

Education System in Ireland

Education receives a lot of attention from the government in Ireland. In fact, successive Irish governments since the past 30 years have invested enormously into education and research. The reputation of the country’s universities and colleges has continued to grow and receive a lot of recognition worldwide. Some of the country’s universities are among the top best 400 universities in the world.

According to the former United States Presidents, Barack Obama, Irish people are among the best educated in the world, this is because the country invests a lot of resources into education and research. Unlike some other countries, Irish universities accept students for post graduation studies with 15 years of education.


Work Opportunities in Ireland

Ireland has a huge number of international students most of which are into 1-year master’s degree program. You don’t need any work experience to obtain an MBA in Ireland.

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 We have a range of strengths which give us a competitive advantage:


  1. We are a small, safe and friendly country.
  2. Our people are renowned for attributes such as innovation, creativity and collaboration.
  3. We are a member of the European Union, and have extensive global links through our worldwide diaspora
  4. We are an English-speaking country with a unique cultural heritage.
  5. We have an education system that has had a long history of international engagement and which is globally respected.
  6. We offer a remarkable student experience.

In the past thirty years, successive Irish Governments have put enormous resources into education and research. The reputation of our higher education system has grown considerably, and our research is now making an international impact. Our educational infrastructure is of a very high level. All of our universities and the Dublin Institute of Technology are ranked in the top 5% globally.US President Barack Obama has called the Irish people “among the best educated in the world.





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