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Manitoba PNP

Manitoba PNP

What is the Manitoba PNP?

The Manitoba PNP is a provincial nominee programme designed to fill a gap in the labour market in that particular province. Under this PNP programme, there are numerous immigration avenues to Manitoba. It was specifically created to attract highly qualified professionals, recent graduates, business owners, agricultural entrepreneurs, and workers in fields where there is a labour shortage.

What requirements must be met to be eligible for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?

  • The applicant must be approved by the province’s Express Entry board and present a legitimate Express Entry ID and Job Seeking Validation number.
  • The concerned provincial government requires applicants to have at least six months of work experience within the last three years, and they must also submit a career plan and a certificate of related experience in order to be considered. This will help them to strengthen their resumes and help the province grow. Three years of job experience in total will undoubtedly benefit the applicant.
  • The candidate must have a strong desire to settle in Manitoba.
  • It is essential to get a high level of language competence (in either English or French), and this largely depends on the position’s requirements and the sector it falls within.
  • The candidate has a competitive edge due to their relevant and advanced education, and their technical abilities are also taken into account, adding to their value.
  • The Manitoba Immigration Board will require “proof of finances” from the application before allowing them to enter the province, live there, and initially support themselves for six months as well as any dependents (if any). 

How to Apply for the Provincial Nomination Program in Manitoba?

  • By accurately completing criteria such basic information, educational background, and employment qualifications, you can create an Express Entry profile.
  •  Both Express Entry and the Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program need you to submit to the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) in order to demonstrate your educational qualifications.
  • To demonstrate your proficiency in a foreign language, you must take the IELTS or CLB exam and earn a score of at least 7 out of 10.
  • You must take a Test Evaluation in French if French is your first language or predominant language (TEF). Candidates who speak more than one language well will receive bonus points.
  • The concerned IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) employees will validate your Express Entry profile after you have created it, and they will assign a corresponding CRS score to your profile.

The four immigration pathways under MPNP are:

  • Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway
  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway
  • Business Investor Pathway
  • International Education Pathway

Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway

  • The SWO – Skilled Worker Overseas Immigration Pathway has a dedicated express Entry stream and a straight Provincial stream as well. It targets overseas skilled workers who are skilled and trained in highly demanded occupations in Manitoba. Applicants and spouses having close family connections are prioritized. The other priority factors include proficiency in language, training, and work experience for quickly finding jobs.

 a) Pathway Express Entry Manitoba

This pathway is for overseas applicants who are eligible through another stream in MPNP, fulfill the criteria for Express Entry, and have a profile active in Express Entry. Candidates must have experience, training, and skills in one of the In-Demand Occupations in Manitoba and a close family link to the province.

b) Pathway Human Capital 

This pathway is for overseas skilled workers who have experience, training, and skills in one of the In-Demand Occupations in Manitoba. They must also prove the potential to find a job immediately upon arrival to Manitoba. 

Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway

The Pathway SWM – Skilled Worker in Manitoba is based on the precise needs of employers in the province. It chooses workers trained overseas with the required skills and offers them a nomination for Canada PR Visa. This immigration pathway offers priority to candidates with a strong affinity to the Manitoba province and is further divided into 2 sub-categories: 

a) Pathway Manitoba Work Experience 

This category is for applicants who are working currently in Manitoba on a Provisional Work Visa. It includes provisional workers and overseas graduates from Post-secondary institutions in Canada. 

This stream is for overseas applicants who have job offers from authorized employers in Manitoba. 

b) Pathway Employer Direct Recruitment 

This stream is for overseas applicants who have job offers from authorized employers in Manitoba. 

Business Investor Pathway

The Pathway Business Investor is for qualified overseas entrepreneurs and business investors. Initially, the candidates are offered a Provisional Work Visa and are required to have the ability and intention for launching or buying a business in Manitoba after arrival and within 2 years. It is divided into 2 sub-categories: 

a) Pathway Entrepreneur

This pathway is for candidates who wish to start a business in the province and are initially offered a Provisional Work Visa. Nomination for Canada PR Visa is offered to them after the establishment of a business that fulfills the Business Performance Agreement conditions. Candidates who start a business outside of Winnipeg are offered priority. 

b) Pathway Farm Investor

This pathway is for candidates who wish to start and manage a farm in rural regions of Manitoba. They are initially offered a Provisional Work Visa. Nomination for Canada PR Visa is offered to them after the establishment of a business that fulfills the Business Performance Agreement conditions.

How to calculate points for MPNP?

Manitoba chooses and nominates qualified candidates for arriving in the province and residing permanently based on the points system. The candidates who secure the required minimum points in the Manitoba immigration Points Calculator can apply for Canada PR Visa after obtaining the Certificate of Provincial Nomination. 

The candidates are first required to score 60 points out of 100 points to become eligible for applying under the MPNP category Skilled Worker. They are allotted points based on the below 5 factors: 




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